about the Lessons

Welcome to the world of rhythm!

Learning the drums is a fun, positive and engaging experience and I make sure the student connects with the drum set from the very first lesson.

We will spend some time on the practice pad in order to warm up and learn the different techniques but most of the lesson we will focus on the drum set.

Each person approaches coordination, time, and technique differently. Therefore, I tailor the lessons to fit each student while following three simple guidelines: Fun, Positive and Engaging.

Weather you are 6 or 56 years old you will be playing rock beats right from the start and will start developing your own ideas as a drummer.

My goal is to give you TOOLS for developing technique and style on your own so you can become independant as soon as possible.

The studio is located on corner of 5th Avenue and 5th Street.

There is a comfortable seating area for parents who wish to stay during the lesson.

$50 per 45 min lesson